Sunday Service Online – 5th December 2021 | 10:15
5th December 2021

Sunday Service Online – 5th December 2021 | 10:15

Passage: Matthew 3:1-6
Advent 2 – ‘Matthew 3:1-6’
This morning’s video broadcast of our service starts at 10.15am with with Andy Baker leading and preaching.
If you would like to join us in the congregation to worship God together, please just turn up but please do not attend if you have any Coronavirus symptoms.
Activities for children will be available.
Places do not need to be booked in advance but we will still be keeping a record of those who attend. We suggest that those who are comfortable to do so can now remove their face masks once seated but we would ask you to please continue to wear a mask on arrival and as you move around the building.