Midweek Activities

United in Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known

Bible Journaling
Meets: third Monday of each month from 7:30-9pm.

Bible journaling is a way of recording in art and colour, the thoughts, inspirations, prayers and testimonies of our lives. We chat about a Bible passage or theme, read verses and underline phrases in the margins of our Bibles or in a journal. It’s a creative way to worship God and allow Bible truths to seep deep into our souls. It’s always challenging, always a blessing, and brings freedom to our creativity, because the end result is not the focus, the journey along the way is the blessing.

The group meets in the Church Lounge from 7:30-9pm on the third Monday of each month, but please check here as it may occasionally change.

If you’d like to try this form of meditating on God’s Word in a group with others digging deeper into scripture, then please come and join us, you would be most welcome.

Meets: weekly on Tuesdays – 9:45am-1:15pm

CAMEO = come and meet each other.

We meet each Tuesday from 9:45am starting with coffee and biscuits, which is followed by a short ‘Thought for the Day’. Our members then go to different rooms to play games such as Scrabble, Rummikub and Upwords. Some prefer to play pool or dominoes whilst others sit and read the papers and chat.

Some weeks we have a speaker or some musical entertainment, Gentle Exercise or quizzes like Pointless or Blankety Blank. Our time together finishes around 1:15pm with a hot two course lunch being served at 12:30pm.

We charge £5 per session during term time. In the holiday breaks we hold ‘Holiday Cameo’ from 10am until 12 noon, just for coffee, biscuits, chat and games.

We have a Christmas Meal at Sonning Golf Club, and a summer lunch at a local garden centre. We welcome those who are over 60 and are mobile and independent to join in with our very happy and welcoming group.

Morning Coffee
Meets: weekly on Wednesdays – 10am-12noon

We serve a variety of hot drinks – tea, coffee, Latte, & Cappuccino, alongside homemade cakes and biscuits. We have no price list, just a donation basket.
We have regulars who come along to meet friends and chat, and those who ‘pop in’ whilst waiting for a prescription, etc.

Do feel free just to come in as you are passing. We would love to see you.

Renew @Woodley Baptist Church
Meets: weekly on Fridays – 10am-12noon

Renew@Woodley Baptist Church is a place where all are welcome to come and find some peace, a place where it’s Ok not to be Ok. We are open every Friday morning from 10am-12noon.

The quiet morning offers a place to relax in a cafe style space, to chat, play games, learn new skills, and always includes a voluntary quiet time for prayer. It is a place to find acceptance, to connect with others, to renew our mental and emotional wellbeing and it is a place to belong.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Discipleship Groups
Meet: On different days and times during the week.

Our Discipleship Groups (sometimes called Small Groups) meet at different times during the week. Locations also vary, with some groups meeting in the church building, some in homes and others on line (or a mixture). There are day time groups and evening groups and the frequency of the meetings varies from one group to another.

The aim of these groups is to dig deeper into the Bible and have a chance to discuss, with a small group of people, what it means for our lives today. Doing fun things together is also important for building relationships. The groups are where we care for one another, and encourage each other as we face the challenges that life throws at us.

The themes that each group study will be decided by the groups themselves. Sometimes they follow the Sunday morning preaching series, but at other times they will cover themes chosen by the group leaders or members.
Please contact the church office for more information.

Prayer Meetings
Meet: Sunday Evenings, Monday Mornings, and Thursday Evenings

As a church we think prayer is a really important part of living life with Jesus at the centre. We believe it has the power to change lives and circumstances for good. We would always encourage everyone to value a personal prayer time with God, but it is also important to gather together for prayer. You are welcome to attend any of these prayer times, as often as you can.

Sunday Evenings: 6:30-7:30pm
Usually on the second, fourth, and fifth Sundays of the month.
We meet on Zoom for an hour. We take the opportunity to refocus our attention on God and then spend time praying for situations locally, nationally and internationally.

Monday Mornings: 10-10:30am
We pray most Monday morning in the church lounge for the activities taking place that week, and for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us as we live out our lives for God. If you wish to join us please do.
We don’t meet on Bank Holidays, and on some Mondays in the school holidays so please check the website calendar before coming during these times.

Thursday Evenings: 7:30-9pm
We meet on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. These meetings began when we were in a state of uncertainty as a church and we needed to seek guidance as to the direction we should be taking. We’ve been reminded to focus on God and to follow his leading, putting aside our own agendas. WBC is his church and we believe that he has good plans for us.