What Holds Us Together?

United in Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known

Woodley Baptist Church

To be a Vibrant Worshipping Community

Whether it’s through our singing (in or out of tune), talking to God (out loud or in the silence of prayer), the strumming of a guitar or the passion of someone speaking, coming together to celebrate Jesus and all that he means to us is a wonderful time to encourage one another. The three different services throughout the month give plenty of opportunities to find the style that feels most comfortable for you; be it a traditional Sunday morning service with separate Kids’ Church, an all-inclusive, interactive Café Church service or the freedom and informality of the evening service. For more details about individual services click HERE.

To be a Community of Effective Disciples of Jesus

Being a disciple (or student), is grasping whole-heartedly the ways and teachings of Jesus and working them into your heart and mind. Being more like Christ is a journey all Christians are on.  Coming together to study the Bible (God’s words to us) and being open to God changing us really helps us to grow.  But it doesn’t stop there: living all that out in our everyday lives is even more important.   This is helped by walking alongside one another through the good times and the bad, and by being guided and helped by one another, in love.

Woodley Baptist Church
Woodley Baptist Church

To be a Missionary Community Sharing Jesus in Word and Action

To be asked by God to do His work is to be inspired to go beyond where we feel comfortable and to do what we know we cannot do on our own, whether it’s in our own home, down the shops, at school or work, or even overseas.  Wherever and whatever He asks; this is a mission that all Christians are called to.  To encourage this attitude in our everyday lives is part of living as a group of people with a purpose, which should in turn be reflected in our hearts, through our words and in our actions.  For links to those we partner with in mission click HERE

To be a loving, welcoming and supportive community

As followers of Jesus, we seek to imitate Him in the way He acted towards other people, especially those who were deemed most needy or vulnerable.  The Bible reminds us constantly that God is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love.  Our aim is to encourage one another to be more and more like that.

To be a serving community where all participate

To be church means being good news to people who as yet are not part of church or the family of God.  Serving God means using whatever we have to be that good news, whether it’s our gifts or talents, our money or time, our strength or frailty.  Each one of us has something valuable to offer, and we encourage each other to do so.