David and Kerry Stillman

United in Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known

David and Theresa are members of Woodley Baptist Church. David has been engaged in an international ministry of Bible Teaching and Evangelism for over fifty years. He is a Trustee of British Youth For Christ. A significant part of his current ministry is devoted to teaching Alpha Courses and preaching the Gospel in prisons in the UK.

Kerry Stillman, David and Theresa’s daughter, was initially sent by ‘Pioneers UK’ to work in Cameroon where she is part of a team that established a hospital project, which serves the local community’s medical needs and is an instrument to lead people to Jesus.

She is a physiotherapist but has now handed over the physiotherapy department to her Cameroonian colleagues.

She and her team now spend most of their time reaching out to people who don’t know Jesus yet, and training new followers of Jesus to share the Gospel with their own people.