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Shout Group (School Years 3-6)

Those in School Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 can attend.

We welcome new members from any school/home school in these year groups

Please fill in a registration form on our website prior to your child’s first visit – http://www.woodleybc.org/shout-registration-consent/

You only need to register once unless your details change, including medical information.

Please contact Graham on 07725 905427 if you are unsure.

Each Friday Evening we will run from 6:30-7:30pm and if you wish for your child to make their own way home please speak to a leader (Year 6 only).

On arrival – entry

On entry through the entrance we would encourage you to drop your children and not come in (unless you need to help them settle or have a look around on their first week). We charge £1 per child per week.

They will exit via the main church doors, but we ask that you don’t come into the building.

Sweet Shop

We will have a sweet shop each week. Pick ‘n’ mix, and wrapped sweets and chocolate, which we suggest each child spends 50p-£1, but if parents are happy then they can spend more up to a maximum of £2.

There are free drinks of squash or water.

Mobile Phones

We have a no mobile phone policy and we ask that they don’t bring their phones to Shout.  There is a phone on-site and we have your contact information should there be an emergency.          If we find that someone has a phone out we may take it from them and keep it until 7:30pm, when we will return it to the child/parent.

This is because it is hard to monitor if they are taking pictures/videos of others and uploading to social media without permission.

We are trialling letting Year 6 have their phones when they are in the venue (from 6:45-7:30),  with a couple of conditions like not taking pictures and videos of others.


We have a Half-Time talk/discussion around life and faith which we ask them all to be in for.

We do have space for a few young helpers so please speak to Graham.  They need to be in Year 9 or above to help at Shout.  We accept DofE volunteers.

All over 18’s have gone through our DBS and Reference Check in line with government guidance.

For more details http://www.woodleybc.org/youth-children/


We look forward to seeing you at Shout!

Graham Sumbler and the Shout Team


Jun 07 2024


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Woodley Baptist Church
Hurricane Way, Woodley, Reading, RG5 4UX


Graham Sumbler
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